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The 2019 NVD Poster Award was presented to Sophie Stroisch (CMO Stamm) for her poster “Moving intentions in the province of Groningen: Does a decline in perceived liveability matter?”. In her poster Sophie showed that a decline in perceived liveability has indeed an effect on the intention to move. Further research is planned to investigate to what extent objective parameters of liveability, for example the satisfaction of facilities in the area, effect moving intentions.

The 2018 NVD Poster Award was presented to Ilya Kashnitsky (Centre on Population Dynamics, CPop) for his poster “Regional Population Structures at a Glance”. In his poster Ilya presented an approach of color coding, in which the position of an element in a three-dimensional array of data is represented with a single color. To illustrate the technique he addressed the question of population ageing. The code for this data visualization approach is available at

During the annual Dutch Demography Day, held on November 28, 2018, the Board and members of the Netherlands Demographic Society appointed Nico van Nimwegen and Frans Willekens Honorary Members of the NVD.

The 2018 Master Thesis Award was granted to Bettina Hünteler for the thesis entitled “Spatial Immobility Related to the Family – Do Geographic Proximity to the Parents and Intergenerational Support Exchange Matter for Migration Decisions within Germany?”.

The deadline for registration for the Dutch Demography Day on Wednesday, November 28th is extented until November 16th november. The program and Book of Abstracts are online.