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DGD Conference in Cologne, March 14-16, 2018

Wednesday 14 March 2018


Annual Conference of the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie’ (DGD), in collaboration with NVD

14-16 March 2018

The 2018 Annual Conference of the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie‘ (DGD) will be held at the University of Cologne from 14-16 March. The central theme of the conference is ‘Family – Fertility – Intergenerational relationships’. The following two sessions are organized in collaboration with the NVD: 1) Variationen in Mortalität und Morbidität (moderator: Fanny Janssen; all presentations in English) en 2) Migration und Adaptionsprozesse (moderator: Susanne Schmid en Pascal Becker; three presentations in English). Part of the plenary session is a presentation by Leo van Wissen entitled ‘Dutch Demography in perspective: celebrating 90 years Netherlands Demographic Society in 2018’.

For the full programme and online registration see the website of the DGD: