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In general,the goal of the Dutch Demographis Society (NVD) is to raise awareness on population issues and to promote and distribute this among interested people. The Society tries to achieve this by organizing various events, namely seminars and the popular Dutch Demography Day. Generally the official language at activities organized by the NVD is Dutch. At the Dutch Demography Day (most) sessions are in English.

The NVD annually organizes the Dutch Demography Day, on which researchers can present their ongoing research on demographic trends. At these meetings there are opportunities to establish contacts with colleagues and exchange experiences. At this day the Annual General Meeting takes place. On November 25, 2015, the eight Dutch Demography Day was organized.

Besides these this annual meetingscongres, the NVD organizes seminars in which demographic issues are discussed. These seminars are free of charge. On October 6, 2015 the last seminar took place, with population forecasting and policy as the central theme. On the left you will find more information about the different meetings.